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Loan: Find Out How

Is it possible to get a loan? And what is the best option? If you have these doubts, you have come to the right place!

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the main steps that many Brazilians are going through to stay in the job market. And through formalization, it is possible to have access to numerous benefits. Among discounts with suppliers, it is possible to obtain special conditions in several actions, because it is a legal entity and have CNPJ .

And one of the major is with regard to obtaining credit . Some ventures require investments that are not always available to the entrepreneur. The solution is to turn to financial institutions for loans.

There are many options available to MEI, causing many doubts. Which is the most indicated? What is the best moment? How to understand the process?

The Good Credit will explain everything about loan to MEI and how you can choose the best option. After reading this article, you will make the best decision for your business. Let’s start?

What is a Loan?

Whether for lack of credit or lacking a financial organization, many entrepreneurs turn to MEI loans . Although it has some similarities with the traditional credit, this type of loan has a series of different characteristics.

The entrepreneur who works exclusively as MEI has few means to prove income and this prevents him from having access to the loan . In this, many people turn to personal loan online . To have access to this type of credit, the bank must present its bank statement for the last 90 days, thus indicating its income.

However, if the entrepreneur does this, he will not be making the loan in the name of the active CNPJ, but instead of the CPF. This means that the current account used will be physical and not legal. In addition to different rates, the loan for entrepreneur has some advantages , which we will see better during the article.

Who can apply for a loan?

Who can apply for a loan?


Anyone who has the active CNPJ can apply for a loan. For those who have not yet formalized their work, the MEI can be done online through the Entrepreneur-MEI Portal .

How to get a loan?


Several financial institutions offer credit. Caixa do Brasil, Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento (BNDES), are some that make loans available to those who formally undertake.

It is worth noting that many banks offer credit lines specific to each purpose of an entrepreneur . Then, depending on the institution, you can find a loan for those who want to buy new equipment, another to pay debts, etc.

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Can I get a loan for online?


Today, Bom Pra Crédito does not work with a loan to MEI, however, many people use personal loans to open small businesses . With the Good Credit platform you can solve your problem in a few clicks. Simply access the personal loan page , enter the amount you need, as well as your information, submit the proposal and wait for one of our partners to approve your request.

Benefits of an online loan

Benefits of an online loan


There are several advantages to seeking online credit for MEI. As it is online, it is fast, super easy and safe . It is possible to anticipate receivables such as invoices and checks. Interest is lower and there are facilities at the time of payment, such as the number of installments.

What is the maximum loan amount?


The amount can vary from bank to bank as well as the payer profile established by the entrepreneur. Even so, the credit offered to the MEI does not usually exceed R $ 20 thousand.

Documents required to apply for credit


To apply for the loan to MEI, you must follow the requirements:

  • Investment plan: create a document with the reasons and reasons for requesting the loan, as well as the planning of where the investment will be applied.
  • Documentation: Each bank requires a specific list of documents. But, in general, the entrepreneur needs to take the RG, CPF, proof of residence and the MEI Certificate.
  • Proof of income: for this, the entrepreneur must have proof of income of individual and legal entity. Through this, the bank will have an understanding of its financial profile as well as the commitment to the payments.

How to prove income of the Individual Microentrepreneur?

How to prove income of the Individual Microentrepreneur?


There are several ways to prove the income of an entrepreneur: bank statement, income tax, service contracts and decore .

The bank statement is a very common way to prove the income of the entrepreneur. However, the financial institution does not always accept this type of document. If required by the bank, it is necessary that the statement indicates the data of the bank account and also some values.

Through a period, usually three or six months, an average calculation of the entrepreneur’s monthly income is made.

Already the income tax is an official document that the entrepreneur can prove his financial life and income. As it is a document prepared for the Federal Revenue, it is always accepted to prove income.

However, the income tax return only shows the data of the last months of the year that was closed. Therefore, it is common for companies to request additional documents from recent months depending on how much you apply for the loan.

Decore, which stands for Proof of Income Perception , can only be developed and issued by accountants. This is done based on other documents that prove the income. These include:

  • Paper-box company;
  • MEI annual declaration;
  • Fiscal notes issued;
  • Receipt of autonomous payment (RPA);
  • Payment guides for individual social security contributions.

The MEI may also use the service contract to prove the income. Often it is necessary to present other documents together with the service contract.

Regardless, it is important to check what documents are required to apply for the loan at that institution. See this in advance so you do not get caught off guard.

Can I make a loan with a dirty or restricted name?


There are some options for anyone who wants to borrow even with the dirty name . They are: for retirees, INSS pensioners or civil servants; for people who own a property; and for those who own their own vehicle. To learn more, access our text on loan to negativado .

How to check if I’m dirty

To check if your name is dirty, there are three forms: Serasa, Credit Protection Service (SPC) and the Central Credit Protection Service .

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Lending Options with Restriction


Even if you can get credit with the dirty name, the MEI has some options to make this request.

Loan with property guarantee

Loan with property guarantee

If the MEI needs a high value, an option is the loan with property guarantee . Through this, the entrepreneur offers a property that has been removed and that is in your name or that of another person that was used as collateral (there must be a concession). Be it home, apartment or commercial room, just offer this and receive the value.

The amounts can be between R $ 30 thousand and R $ 1 million , in addition to having the lowest interest rate (from 1.14% per month). In addition, there is the possibility of having parcels with a lower value. The deadline to withdraw can be up to 20 years or 240 months.

Vehicle Warranty Loan

Vehicle Warranty Loan

In this case, the vehicle is used as collateral. One can put motorcycle, car among others to obtain this type of credit. The same should be in the name of the entrepreneur , as well as should not have debts.

One point to note is the disadvantages. If the person is married, if the vehicle is in the name of the partner can not be used. In addition, until the payment of the debt, the vehicle can not be sold.

See more about vehicle warranty loan .

Loan for civil servants and civil servants

To begin with, it should be borne in mind that the public server may be MEI, but it has some restrictions. He can be a partner, but can not actively participate in the company’s routine .

To get credit, one should analyze the types of loans that can be offered to the server. It can be consigned or not consigned and can be carried out in several financial institutions. And the amount is charged to the payroll.

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Loan for retirees and pensioners

Loan for retirees and pensioners

This type of public has an exclusive credit modality . At lower rates , you can even borrow online. Simply request the value and be approved, so the installments will be charged to the INSS every month.

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Loan – Cashier


Just gather the necessary documentation from the Cashier and apply for credit . There are some advantages like the simpler taxation, as well as the exemption of some tariffs. Just gather:

  • Individual Microentrepreneur Certificate (CCMEI) and / or Simplified Certificate of the Board of Trade
  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of address
  • Fill in the Individual Microentrepreneur Registration Form

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Loan for Microentrepreneur 


To get the loan at Banco do Brasil like MEI, it is important to take:

  • Certificate of Condition of the Individual Microentrepreneur (CCMEI) and / or Simplified Certificate of the Board of Trade.
  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of residence of the Microentrepreneur
  • CNPJ

Loan for Microentrepreneur


To do this, you should look for MicroCredit Oriented Productive , aimed at companies with annual sales of up to R $ 200 thousand. There is the possibility of requesting in the first contract up to R $ 10 thousand, in the second up to R $ 12 thousand and from that up to R $ 15 thousand.

To apply for this loan, simply contact the agency and bring documents such as:

  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of residence of the Microentrepreneur
  • CNPJ

There are other documents other than the ones mentioned above that you should take, upon request from the bank. Go to a customer service and ask for help separating the relevant documents to apply for the loan.



To obtain credit at BNDES, the entrepreneur must have a physical account with some of the following banks:

  • Cashier
  • Itaú
  • Bradesco
  • Bank of Brazil
  • BRDE
  • Banrisul

Have documentation such as CNPJ, RG, CPF, proof of residence . Access the site and fill out the proposal.



Microcredit is indicated for individuals and legal entities that have annual income of up to R $ 360 thousand . This is a less bureaucratic option and the interest rates are lower, not exceeding 4% per month. To apply, simply go to the BNDES microcredit operator and request the credit granting analysis.

Recalling that microcredit can be used for working capital as well as important investments for the business, such as the purchase of machinery and equipment or structural works. The entrepreneur can make the financing of up to R $ 20 thousand .

Financial Institutions


It is through the repassing financial institutions that it is possible to obtain Microcredit from BNDES. In the institution’s own website it has the list of operators. Among them we can highlight:

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