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Why does not traditional banking offer personal loans online?

The emergence of new technologies and the Internet have produced changes in behavior and communication in society. These new customs have come mainly thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones that allow us to have control of our lives in the palm of our hands. Thanks to smartphones we can check our bank statement, read the news, send emails or book a trip online.

All these possibilities have changed the relationships between companies, especially banking. For example, we can access all our bank details in seconds or see if they have entered the payroll. But traditional banking has not adapted fully to the new times and does not offer services such as personal loans online. This type of quick loans is a very attractive way for people with economic difficulties or who simply want to indulge.

Personal loans online at your fingertips

Personal loans online at your fingertips

Banks are not taking advantage of the crisis to get new customers and prevent people from requesting money. They demand many guarantees to return the money that many people can not afford. But there are other entities specialized in online personal loans that allow small loans (the minimum credits are amounts of 200 euros); The maximum can vary up to an amount of 800 euros. Best of all, these credits are so fast that if you meet the conditions to request it, you will have the money in your account in less than fifteen minutes.

The big banking multinationals are not interested in helping people by lending such small amounts of money. For this reason, people lose confidence in their banking services, even though a large majority continue to use them. And is that many times the difficulty of changing the mortgage makes the task impossible.

Perhaps you think that only customers with adverse economic situations can access these personal loans online , but it is the opposite, anyone can request them, from a construction worker to a state official. The conditions are simple: be between 18 and 65 years old, have a bank account and a credit or debit card, have a mobile phone and, most importantly, have no debt with any bank or financial institution.

People who meet these requirements can apply for personal loans online in a matter of minutes, because to get fast money you do not need to go to a bank and do all the paperwork of checking the branch. The processing is electronic, immediate and secure (the management of control institutions guarantees total security in the loan).

And now, what are you waiting for to ask for the money you need? You are just one click away.

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