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Loans for bad debtors and indebted

Loans to bad debtors and indebted.

Loans to bad debtors and indebted.

In this blog we have numerous articles related to credit and loans for negatives, loans with restrictions, loans without consultations to consulting compan etc., obvious that not all citizens have access to these types of loans, only a few niches can benefit from them.

Payroll-deductible loans are one of those low-rate money sources and earning facilities. It was created especially to increase credit to individuals from private companies, public servants and retirees / pensioners who need cheap cash or for those who can not pay their daily debts.

But does bad loans or for debtors exist anyway? Of course, we currently have more and more institutions performing the loan for debtors. But who is recognized as a bad payer? All those who for some reason went to consulting company or CCF and had their name inscribed on “blacklists”.

The rule is generally that when a person is placed on the list of Protecting Bodies as a bad payer, it is the final proof that he has not been able to pay his commitments or honor the installments of any financial agreement.

And this happens in all cases of non-payment, even when the installments of the commitments are no longer honored for involuntary reasons such as the loss of employment or income. Regardless of your difficulty, fail to pay any kind of consumer account or financial transactions, the name falls into the category of bad payers.

Once bad paying and with restricted name, the citizen will have difficulty obtaining in banks a new personal loan, real estate financing and overdraft etc,. In this way, the bad debtor has two possible alternatives to have credit in the square:

1st – Regularize your situation with the bank with which you have incurred debts and request the cancellation of the dirty name in the protection organs.

2nd – To make a paycheck-deductible loan: in this line of credit a 30% reduction of the proponent’s salary will be applied to pay the installments of the financing, in general the repayment periods begin with 6/72 installments and can reach 99 installments.

It is worth remembering that the self-employed can not obtain the payroll loan under any circumstances, only registered employees of accredited private companies, public servants and INSS beneficiaries obtain this line of financing.

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